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Environmental impact assessment is one of the important components of the YCCPP-2, which aims to ensure the implementation (design, implementation and operation) of the applicable laws and regulations of Armenia during the Project implementation, as well as the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) Environmental Policy and Safety Policy Document according to the actions taken.

The Fichtner Company surveyed and collected on-site data on fauna and flora, soil, water, climate, air quality, noise, landscape, historical and cultural sites prior to the implementation of the Project.
An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has been carried out for the Project, which identifies the extent and intensity of the environmental impacts of the construction and the affected communities, as well as the Environmental Management Plan (EMP), which describes the environmental impacts of the construction, measures to prevent and mitigate negative impacts on natural and historical monuments and to monitor and control the implementation of such measures.
There are no residential buildings inside the site, so no physical resettlement associated with the project is anticipated, and no cultural or historical sites have been identified in the Project area.
Social Impact Assessment is one of the important components of the YCCPP – 2. As a result of the studies, the population of the project area can be divided into Shengavit (about 140,000 inhabitants) and Erebuni (about 117,000 inhabitants) urban and Ayntap (about 11,000 inhabitants) and Kharberd (about 17,000 inhabitants) rural communities.
Considering the current high unemployment rate in the country, ArmPower CJSC initiates to attract local labor from construction sites in Yerevan and nearby villages, which creates favorable conditions for cash inflows.
During the meetings with neighboring village heads and heads of administrative districts, arrangements were made to provide local residents with work during construction.