Environmental Impact

Environmental impact assessment is one of the important components of the YCCPP-2, which aims to ensure the implementation (design, implementation and operation) of the applicable laws and regulations of Armenia during the Project implementation, as well as the Asian Development Bank's (ADB) Environmental Policy and Safety Policy Document according to the actions taken.
Environmental safety, just like any other form of safety or compliance, requires being observant and compliant at all times to ensure the safety of workers and anyone that resides in the area. Doing so minimizes liabilities and protects one of your most valuable assets.
The Power Plant Project YCCPP-2 has already obtained the national environmental approval from the Ministry of Nature Protection in January 2017.
Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA )Report regarding the YCCPP-2 (“the Project” )was prepared by a German consulting company (Fichtner GmbH & Co. KG ) supported by an Armenian consulting company (Consecoard LLC ).
The new ESIA was prepared on the basis of relevant national and international standards for environmental and social sustainability.
On the basis of the existing environmental situation and the technical planning of the power plant, has been determined and evaluated the environmental and social impacts during the future construction, operation, and decommissioning of the planned YCCPP-2. The impact assessment focused on the relevant aspects of the biological, physical and social environment of the Project. In a second step appropriate measures were considered to avoid, minimize, mitigate and offset any adverse impacts and to monitor their implementation.