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The Ministry of Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources of the Republic of Armenia plans to improve the total output capacity of its electric energy production, complementing the power units of the existing Yerevan Combined Cycle Thermal Power Plant (YCCPP-1) with modern and efficient power plant. For this reason a new gas fired Combined Cycle Power Plant of 254 MW (YCCPP-2) is being built at the site next to the existing YCCPP-1.
The new CCPP will include a Gas Turbine (GT), a Steam Turbine (ST), a Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG), and all auxiliary equipment and systems that, at local conditions with an ambient temperature of 15°C, will produce 254 MW electricity. Interconnections to gas, water and electrical grid are already planned. The new CCPP shall be connected with the facilities of the existing grid infrastructure.
Along with the rapidly growing economy and a rising population, power demand in Armenia is constantly increasing. The main objective of the construction of YCCPP-2 is to:

• Improve the total output capacity of electric energy production;
• Provide reliable power supply;
• Shift the financial burden for power generation from the Government to the private sector;
• Promote commercial development of thermal technology and cost electricity;
• Build and sustain local capacity in the development and maintenance of power generation infrastructure;
• The provision of additional baseload generation capacity at a competitive price;
• The provision of energy security.

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