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The new YCCPP-2 will consist of a gas turbine with generator (GTG), a Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG), and a steam turbine with generator (STG) which will be installed in a new West East shaft centerline, and related auxiliaries.

The Gross Power output at Design Conditions and “Base Load“ operation mode of the combined cycle (GT Gross Power output + ST Gross Power output), is: 
• Guaranteed Gross Power Output: 254 MW (at design conditions)
• Gross Heat Rate (based on LHV: 47.479 kJ/kg): 6.438 kJ/kWh
• Efficiency: 53.5%

The new power plant will be designed for full power generation mode, but will also be capable to run at partial load operation. The design life for YCCPP-2 is set to 25 years.
Interconnections to gas, water and electrical grid are planned. The new CCPP shall be connected with the facilities of the existing grid infrastructure.